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All expenses and time, including travel hours, spent on the project by professional, technical, and clerical personnel will be billed unless specifically excluded or limited under the terms of a more specific written contract with the client.  The following hourly rates for various categories of personnel are currently in effect:


       CATEGORY                                                                    HOURLY RATE

      Umpire (Miles Kelly Baughman)                                               $250.00

                              Hearings ($1200 per ½ Day - $1700 per Full Day)

      Arbitrator, Mediator (Miles Baughman)                                    $150.00

                              Hearings ($1000 per ½ Day - $1500 per Full Day)

            Appraiser                                                                                 $150.00

            Specialty Consultant (Architect, Engineer & Etc.)                 $150.00

            Project Manager/Consultant                                                    $125.00

            Staff Consultant (Construction Engineer or Manager)           $100.00

            Building Inspector/Senior Technician                                     $75.00

            Estimator                                                                                 $75.00

            Technician                                                                               $50.00

            Technical Assistant                                                                 $35.00